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SOMÉE is a design studio based in Amsterdam. It was founded with the ambition to curate and create interior objects that can be treated as pieces of art. An eclectic collection of things we love. Pieces that are clean in shape, expressive in design and made to last. 

We aim to deliver a selection of unique items that are an ode to our broad inspiration and convey our handwriting. One piece at a time. SOMÉE believes in the power of creative exchange and collaboration. Our products are carefully designed, and manufactured with love and craftsmanship by ourselves and other handpicked designers connected via a passion for their trade.


SOMÉE was created by Gloria Landenberger and Anouk Wirtz. Two enthusiastic designers who first met in Sweden a couple of years ago and reconnected when their paths crossed again in Amsterdam. Whilst in Sweden they already discovered their shared interests and common tastes, but only in Amsterdam in 2017 did they realise they could merge these values and use them as a foundation to start something new.

We are always looking out for new ways to collaborate. Additionally to that we also offer styling and interior advise for your home or on other projects.
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